For those of us jonesing for some basketball, or just need some sports to watch in general, it appears the Big3 is here to help. 

According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, the Big3 will be bringing basketball back in April, but with a twist.

The league plans to take 16-22 players, quarantine them together in a mansion, and have them play in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament for a cash prize. 

All the players involved would have tested negative for COVID-19 and there would be strict rules to keep them from outside contact.

It’s essentially Big Brother with a basketball court. 

According to Haynes, “To assure the league is operating under safe conditions, players will be quarantined in a large home provided by the league, sources said. A basketball court/facility will be built on site. If a player breaks quarantine at any point during the tournament, he would be eliminated and removed from the premises, sources said. The games and the players’ daily lives will be captured on camera for added drama and storylines. The production crew would be stationed nearby but offsite from the players.”

The players would play 3-on-3 games, just like in the Big3, but in this reality version, the players on each team would shuffle after the first round. 

Once an individual player, not a team, accumulates three losses, they would be eliminated from the competition.

The final three players would win millions of dollars in cash prizes.

It may not be the NBA, but basketball is basketball. 

Take it from the brain behind the project, Big3 founder Ice Cube.

The new Big3 project could hit your TV as soon as this April. 

BIG3 Basketball to stage quarantined basketball tournament originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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